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Water Slides Admission Prices | Reduce Admission Costs

Waterslides are a great way to spend a day, or a whole weekend, at one of the world’s most well-known water parks. On most vacation packages, you’ll find that all water parks have a season pass. What is a season pass? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a “season” of rides and attractions that can last for one or two months!

Water Park Admission Prices

Prices vary, depending on the water park you visit, and your chosen theme park. For example, at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll pay an admission price that includes unlimited access to the four Walt Disney Resort water parks.
At the Magic Kingdom, on the other hand, all ages are accepted and treated to unlimited rides on all seven Disney theme parks. (Walt Disney World also has its own separately owned water park.) Generally speaking, $50 USD for a weekend-pass is a common price for many waterslide parks.
Prices may also include the cost of park admission as well as certain taxes and other miscellaneous fees. You may also be required to purchase additional “stroller” passes if you bring a laptop computer with you. For more information on pricing and additional options, check out the company’s website.

Water Slide Discounts

Waterslides provide an inexpensive way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and emotions of a water park without all the hassles of admission fees. With relatively low cost admission prices, there’s no reason not to go to a water park. However, when you choose a water park with theme park discounts, you can enjoy even more savings.
There are many theme parks that offer discounts for their guests. If you prefer a particular Disney destination, check with them about their water park discounts.
Most companies will have discounts available, whether you book online or on the phone. Keep in mind that most theme park discounts are given first come, first serve. So if you have a scheduled trip to the park, it’s best to call ahead to find out about any current water park discounts.

Water Park Multi-day Pass

Another way to save money at a water park is by purchasing a one-day or multi-day pass. Buying a pass will allow admission for one time only, or a period of time ranging from one day to several days.
Keep in mind that a single day pass is usually only good for the one-day you intend to use it. Multi-day passes are good for multiple days, although the price may increase depending on the length of your stay. With these passes, your total admission price will usually include everything you buy during the course of the day.

Additional discounts and vacation packages

Some theme parks also offer special “add-on” deals during the season. If you purchase an all-inclusive vacation package, you may be able to get additional discounts on admissions. Always ask what kind of additional discounts are included in your vacation package. Many companies offer special savings if you purchase a theme park ticket as well as a resort admission ticket. Other discounts may apply if you rent a boat or spend a certain amount of time on an amusement park. Be sure to check all of these factors before booking your vacation.
Many resorts charge extra fees for children below a certain age. Resorts often charge more for families and for teens. Although most water parks have special children’s programs designed to encourage younger visitors, be aware of potential pitfalls.
For example, a Florida water park once had a policy that all children under six years old could not swim. However, this was lifted after a public outcry. Be sure to read the rules on your resort’s website or ask a park representative before purchasing a ticket.

Hershey Park Admission

Visit Hershey Park this summer and have a blast with free admission tickets. It’s a place your kids will always remember. It even has a water park for those hot summer days.
The Thrill rides at Hershey Park are very entertaining. They include The Tower

Hershey Park Tower Twister & Tower Tram

Twister, Panic at the Sliders, and the Tower Tram Engine. The Tower Twister is perhaps the most popular rollercoaster around. It includes five different levels, each with its own thrill. If you’ve ever ridden a rollercoaster then you know what the sensation is like. Trust me; it’s not something you’ll forget easily.
The Panic at the Sliders is another exciting ride you should take a look at. There are four individual chair lifts that let you glide gracefully down the track. You get lifted up and then you start sliding down. This ride is not a trampoline, but a big giant slide. What a thrilling way to spend a day at the park on Wednesdays.

Admission To Hersey’s Aquarium Club

In addition to the thrilling rides, Hershey offers plenty of entertainment for those days you want to relax. You can relax on the beach as you watch the sun go down. There are also shows at the sundown music theater, nature trails, and kid’s clubs. You can find something called the Aquarium Club, which provides special meet and greet opportunities with aquariums and sharks.
For a more educational experience, you can visit the Aquarium Club at the park on Thursday afternoon. This is a great opportunity to learn more about sharks and other creatures from the ocean. There are also fireworks at dusk on Thursday, so make sure you stop by to watch them.

The Black Seven Roller Coaster & Hersey Aquarium

Another attraction you can check out is the popular Black Seven. It is located at the top of the hill at Hershey. On Wednesday, the black seven roller coaster will be partially open, giving people the chance to take a look at it.
If you want to go to the water park, you might also want to visit the Aquarium at the Hershey Park. The Aquarium offers interactive exhibits, interactive shows, and hands on activities for your children. There are also lots of interactive exhibits at the parks including an aquarium, water park, rides, and more. If you have never been to a theme park before, the rides at Hershey offer an opportunity to learn about rides and what each ride offers.

Hersey Park Tickets & Admission

Now that you know a little more about the various attractions you can enjoy at Hershey Park, it is time to purchase tickets to visit the park. The cost of admission tickets ranges from very cheap to expensive, depending on the day you visit. There are several events at the park during the summer months that you may wish to attend. To find out if there are any events at the park that fit your interests, contact the admissions office at Hershey. You can purchase tickets for all of your family’s favorite rides and events at the park for just one low price.

Hersey Gift Shop

If you want to buy something for someone, you might want to visit Hershey’s gift shop. This shop offers a large selection of unique items that feature animals, characters, and themes inspired by various entertainments including rides, shows, and concerts.
The shop carries items that can be used as a coaster, a key chain, or as a sticker. There are also plenty of personalized gifts available at the gift shop, including monogrammed merchandise, engraved jewelry, and photo albums with pictures of different events at the park.

Philharmonic Orchestra at Hersey Park

For all of the amazing places to visit at Hershey Park, the days and nights are very exciting. On Wednesday, the park hosts a free concert by The Killers that includes performances from The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as some other top music acts. For those who enjoy free live entertainment, you can visit the Aquarium on Friday night or the Bugs Bunny World on Monday night.
If you are planning a trip to Hershey Park this summer, then you will definitely want to make sure you check out the special events that take place each month.

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