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Any Inflatable Water Slides For Rent Near Me?

For a cheap and fun way to have an afternoon or evening at the park, try renting inflatable slides. These can be fun toys that are both cheap and give exercise. If you love the idea of splashing in a lake and having your friends and family to join in as well, it is fun for everyone. This is one type of activity that kids enjoy as much as older children and adults.

Parks Offering Water Slides Rentals

Water slides are a staple attraction at most theme parks and family attractions. Kids love them and there are enough of them around that they are not missed at all. But are there enough to fill our surrounding neighborhoods with? Renting waterslides makes this possible. Enjoy these outdoor attractions at a low cost and get plenty of enjoyment out of them each day during summer.

Cedar Park & Amusement Park Boardwalk

There are many parks near us that offering water slides, including two separate parks. At Cedar Point Amusement Park, visitors can enjoy the Wildwater Creek Water Slides along the Amusement Park Boardwalk. This slide is a drop-off style slide that drops down into a lake below it.
It is safe and easy for the younger children to navigate, making it popular with families too.
Another option is Six Flags Magic Mountain near San Antonio. At this location, there are multiple water slides for rental that will blow your mind away. The tallest slide is called The Tower Twister that gives the first person a 360-degree drop. Located next to the Great Movie Thrill Ride, this is another wonderful attraction for families to visit near me.

Hurricane Harbor Park at Lake Travis

One of my favorites is Hurricane Harbor located right on Lake Travis. This park offers great entertainment and fun in the water. While you are here, you may as well spend a few hours in the park and watch the cute dogs float through the water.
You can also find many other cheap inflatable water slides for rent near me if you take the time to look around. I have a friend who actually rents his slides for birthday parties each year.
He makes sure that the water is always clear so the guests do not have to be concerned about getting hurt when they are trying to move their stuff down the slides. In addition, he has the slides custom made so each kid is sure to have his or her own unique ride on the water.

What is the weight limit for inflatable water slide?

This depends on the manufacturer of your water slide. Inflatable slides come in many different sizes, so it’s important to know the weight limits before you buy one.
However, generally, the manufacturers of these water slides set the weight limit at around ten pounds per set of slides for kids and between fifteen and twenty pounds per set of slides for adults.
So if you want a slide that is safe for kids to ride on and that doesn’t put too much strain on their back, you usually can go with a smaller slide. If you want to be able to jump on the slides, however, you are going to need larger slides.
The weight limit for an inflatable water slide doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it; it just means that you need to be responsible enough to know the weight limits before you buy one.

Other Water Slide Rental Considerations

There are a few other things to consider as well. For example, how much do you want your slide to move? Some water slides only slide forward, while others allow you to go backward as well. Also, some water slides have gears that make them slide more smoothly and others will hit the ground harder.

Can You Carry Inflatable Water Slides?

You will also need to consider how you want to store your inflatable water slide after you use it. Water slides that are too heavy will be harder to store, but will also be much more difficult to get down when you want to slide down.
An inflatable slide with gear wheels will be easy to store, because there are no springs or ropes that will get in the way. Inflatable water slides should be stored near an area where you have room to store them. They should also be stored far enough away from kids and pets that they won’t be a hazard.

Cost Alternatives For Inflatables

Another thing to think about is how much money you would like to spend on an inflatable water slide. If you have the money, there are many different types of slides available. You can get them in almost any theme that you wish.
They even come in some that are made to be a slide and then an inflatable water slide. These are great choices if you don’t care too much about the design and just want something easy to slide down.
However, if you are willing to invest a bit more money into your slide, you can find ones that are made specifically for slides and can even be purchased with many different themes.

Prices For Water Slides That Are Inflatable

Once you have determined what type of slide you want, you will need to decide how much you will be spending on it. Usually slides start at around $30 per slide, although you can get them much cheaper if you are looking for specific types.
The slides that are available for purchase range in price from around fifty dollars all the way up to several hundred. Depending on the number of slides that you purchase and their age, you should be able to find a slide that fits your budget.

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