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Baja Blast Water Rides | Dual Lane Water Slide Rentals

The image says it all, this double lane will captivate your guest with a 55 degree sliding angle. Not only is it amazing to look at, its super fast as well.
Size: 24′ H • 63′ L • 23′ W
Full Day Rental = $459

Super Fast Waterslide

This double lane with a 55-degree sliding angle will amaze your guests. It is not only stunning to see, but it’s also super fast.
Size: 20′ H • 37′ L • 18′ W
Price: Full Day Rental = $359

Baja Splash Single Lane Water-slide Rental

The BAJA SPLASH is a great slide machine that doubles as a water plaything for kids. It’s like a wave of fun! It’s the ideal ride for rainy days and holidays. The Baja Splash Single Lane is so safe, kids are rarely afraid of falling off the slide, and they have the added benefit of sliding under the water to make their splash.
This water slide is suitable for children ages five and up. For more thrills, there are also other water slides in town! Go see other inflatables, including the Wrecking Balllion,waterslide and the electrifying Zorb Slide!
These are the best water bounce houses for children, whether you’re looking for fun or safety. This inflatable toy has a dual action system which means it sprays water while you bounce up and down. It’s a one-person machine that’s ideal for older kids but can easily be enjoyed by both young and old.

Rent Baja Splash Water Ride?

The Baja Splash single lane is also available for rent. Call or check out other inflatables for an ideal customer pickup and delivery. The Wrecking Balllion offers a full delivery of Zorb Slides and the Zorb Blast. In case you need a large quantity of bounce houses for your next event or are looking to save a few bucks on the bounce house rental, consider the Baja Splash to get low prices, and the best selection and quality in town
Large, fast single lane slide that leads to a large pool.
Size: 23′ H • 40′ L • 21′ W
Price: Full Day Rental = $389

Baja Splash Double-double Waterride (Dual Lane)

This unique dual water slide features a slide featuring two vertical tubes with water drops, and a slide featuring three parallel tubes with water drops.
For those of us who enjoy the outdoors but can’t always get around the fact that we would need to carry around our full body weight while we were on the slide, the double-slide feature was just what we needed.
And since it slides on both sides, it is also great for those people who have trouble balancing on one or both sides of the pool.

Waterslide Accessories & Pool Parties

There are a lot of different accessories that may come included in the set. Some of them include a carrying case, a ladder, and even a wall hook. There is even a built in shovel to help clean up after your guests have had enough of swimming.
There are also a couple of built in safety bars to help keep your child from being injured by an unbalanced slide. All of these accessories are sold separately, and you can choose which ones you want to put in your own backyard slide.
It slides smoothly and easily, and doesn’t seem to be a problem when bumping into things It is a relatively inexpensive water slide, which make it perfect for large pool parties, and it’s right on the water.

Size: 17′ H •  31′ L • 20′ W

Price: Full Day Rental = $309

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Dual Lane Water Ride with separate pools!

Dual Lane Water Slides has become very popular places for a family to get away from the heat of the day and enjoy some quiet time, as well as a fun place to have an enjoyable workout.

Indoor And Outdoor Waterslides For Older Children

These slides are especially great for older children, as they can also run, dive, jump, and play on the slides, while watching their favorite cartoon or movie. These slides are available in both indoor and outdoor models, and most of them come complete with a built-in deck and slide, a slide deck, slides made from wood and metal, and even bowls that can be customized with individual slides for each child.
The pools are made to fit above ground, or in-ground, pools, and most have slides that range from one to three feet in depth. Some of the more popular shapes include regular, round, rectangular, and oval. There is also a special called the Butterfly, which is quite unique and has two curved ramps instead of the normal round ramps.

Rent Dual Lane Water Slides For Private Or Public Use?

The two decks of these slides allow parents to separate children who want to swim separately from those who just want to stand and watch. Most of the slides also have slides attached to the walls, allowing the entire park to be filled with slides.
Children will love the ability to slide down a slide, then climb up a set of stairs to go through a tunnel, and then slide back down again.
Dual-lane water slides are easy to construct, as they only require four-foot wide slides made of concrete or steel to accommodate the slide deck and pool. Most of the slides feature an enclosed deck, but there is a non-enclosed deck available if needed.

Where To Buy Dual Lane Water-Rides?

These slides are available at most major retailers. Prices vary depending on the slide you choose and the brand of equipment used. They make wonderful gifts for a child, and the memories they build while enjoying a cool waterride can last a lifetime.
With most slides, children are able to move up and down the slide by pushing buttons attached to the slides. This feature is a great incentive to get children to exercise, which is why parents purchase the slide equipment for their children in the first place.

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