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What is the best water slide for older kids?

Finding the best water slides for kids may seem a little daunting. With all the different types, colours, sizes, designs, and features available today it can be hard to know which one to get. There are some things you can look for that will help narrow down your choices.
Older kids usually aren’t going to be able to stay on these slides forever. They will either get tired of bouncing off the walls or they will want to try something new. If you buy a slide that has a built in feature where you can lock your child in, you will avoid having to do this very often.
The best water slides for older kids will also have great durability. You want to make sure the slides you choose are made from the best materials and that they will last for years.
Some slides wear out after only a few months, while other slides can last for many more years. Make sure you are not going to have to replace your slides too often and that they will be durable enough to give you and your children hours of fun on them.

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