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Best Water slide Rentals | Blue Crush & Aquaplaning Waterslides

For those who enjoy the water, you are probably looking for the best water-slide rentals available. Maybe you’ve been to a pool and were impressed. Maybe you are a parent looking for a way to get your kids entertained in a fun way that doesn’t require a lot of space. Or perhaps, you’re just looking for something to do at the end of a long day. Whatever your reasons, there are options for everyone.

Rent the 21ftBlue Crush Water-Slide

One of the best water slide rentals is the Blue Crush slide. It offers a lot of fun for the entire family. The slide is designed with a fun design and is one of the highest-quality slides on the market. It features two thrilling slides plus a slide cover so that you can easily keep it clean and free of leaves and debris.

Aquaplaning Waterslides

Other great slide rentals also have other attractions such as wave pools, lazy rivers, waterfalls, and more. Some of these additions will add more fun to the overall experience, but there is nothing like the fun you can have with a high quality, fully functional slide. Many of the waterslides that feature this type of combination of fun, convenience, and durability are called aquaplaning waterslides.

19ft Splashing Blue Crush Water Slide

A good second choice is the Splashing Blue Crush slide. This is a smaller version of the Blue Crush water slide. It also has all the same fun things that make the original slide so popular. This one will have slightly less of a splash and still leave the guests wetters than they would be at the larger version. It is also a great choice for smaller areas.

Megabrasion Water Slide

If you are looking for a very large selection of water slide rentals, then you need to check out the Megabrasion Slides. This is the largest selection of slides that is available anywhere online. This place even has a shopping cart option that will allow you to shop from home and not just rent. They also have the best selection and prices around.
No matter what event it is, or where your next event is, you want to make sure that your guests leave with a bounce. That is why it is so important to find the best selection of inflatable rentals that are out there. You want the perfect one for the price, while getting the most fun for your money. You can do this online. Just make sure that you choose the best splashy version for your next event!

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