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Bounce Plus Water Slides San Antonio | Best Backyard Waterslides In TX?

Bounce Plus LLC is the leading provider of water slide rentals in San Antonio, Texas. They believe in providing an unforgettable water slide experience for children and adults of all ages. In San Antonio, you can find almost every kind of water slide you will ever need. From giant slides to lazy rivers, from city slides to country slides – Bounce has them all.

Install A Water Slide

Bounce Plus’ San Antonio water slide are made from the highest quality materials available – whether it’s a bounce house slide or water slide combo. Their rental company can provide expert installation and quick pick up/drop off at most locations.
“The They company provides a huge selection of different kinds of slides for any event in San Antonio.
”We have a full staff of licensed professionals who will carefully set up your water slide and ensure that it is installed correctly. Many of our rentals come with some very nice options, such as music, videos, lighting, fog, surfacing, rain effects, fog banks, landscaping, and much more. If you want to go all out, you can rent a castle, fire engine, pirate ship, tent, and even a jail cell!”

Rent A New Backyard Water-Slide?

Bounce Plus LLC was one of the first companies in Texas to offer family fun at an affordable price. They offer rentals in San Antonio and surrounding areas for people of all ages and sizes.
They are all about bringing fun back to families. The more fun you have, the happier your kids will be. If you have a new slide in your backyard, you should consider renting it. Your kids will enjoy it so much that they’ll ask you to let them go to the park over again!

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