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Buy Bounce House For Kids | Bouncehouse Weight & Age

This is a question that has been debated by many parents and even some entertainers for years. When you are considering getting a bounce house, you need to think about the safety features that are on the inflatable unit.
There are several safety features that you should look for if you want a fun and safe environment for your kids. A good bouncehouse should be able to withstand high winds, it should be made of non-toxic material and it should have an airtight seal so that no air can escape and cause damage to the floor of the inflatable.
You also need to consider the size and age of your kids when deciding what age is best for a bounce house:

Bounce House For Kids

Younger kids who are just learning to walk or stand may need a smaller bounce houses in order to prevent them from tripping over them. Also, older kids who have a lot of upper body strength may be able to use bigger and stronger bounce houses.

Types Of Bouncehouses

There are many different sizes, colors and shapes to choose from as well as themes that you can choose from as well. There are some bounce houses that feature cartoon characters, animals, favorite sports or themes that your kids love.
Whatever bounce houses you decide on, make sure that it is safe and that it is something that your kids will love and be able to use year after year.

What Is The Maximum Weight For A Commercial Bounce House

You’ll be asking the same questions whether you’re a parent looking to buy a new bouncer for your children or a business owner who wants to rent out commercial inflatables. What is the maximum weight a bounce house can hold? What is the safe weight limit for a bounce house?
There is no one number that defines the weight limit for bounce houses. Each bouncer will have its specific weight limits. A commercial bounce house should be able to handle 300-1000 pounds per hour (depending on its design).
Tent and Table sells commercial-grade bouncehouses that weigh between 700 and 1000 pounds. However, some bounce houses have higher or lower weight limits.
When visiting retailers online, scroll down to the “Details”, then click “More Info” to find out the maximum weight of an inflatable water slide or commercial bounce house. 

Total Weight Limits

It is crucial to know how much weight a bouncehouse can hold in order to ensure safe operation. These specifications should be checked and you must not exceed them. This is dangerous not only for your equipment but also for the occupants.
You should always gauge the number of people using the bounce house simultaneously and estimate their total weight. You should know how much weight the bounce house can hold simultaneously and try to keep it within 70 percent to 75 percent. 
This will give you a buffer that can be used to prevent you from exceeding safe operating limits.

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