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Carlo’s Party Rental In Miami | Water-Slide Ride Rentals For Kids

Every year since Carlo was a little boy, he has wanted to go on his first water slide ride. As he grew older and went off to college, he dreamed of going on his first water slide with his friends, but he didn’t have the money to do so.
That’s where his friend Paul, who was going on spring break with his family, came into the picture. They decided that they needed a rental company that would cater to kids like Carlo, so that they could all enjoy the fun.
Since then, Carlo has wanted to be part of their group ever since, and now he just cannot think of any place that he would rather be on his next ride.

Miami Water-Slide Rental Parks

Waterslide rentals in Florida are hard to come by. Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation Department are responsible for the maintenance of the Miami-Dade County park system, and they try to promote the use of slides whenever possible.
Of course, the weather is also a factor in the waterslide popularity in Miami. There are several water parks in the Miami area that offer a wide variety of slides and jumpers for a very affordable price, but the number one spot in the Miami area is Coral Gables at Coral Reef Park.
The gazebo-style roof of the gazebo adds a lot of character to the slide and allows it to stay above the tree line, also allowing more of the bounce to spread across the entire length of the slide.
It is also built with an artificial rock wall, making the water slide extremely safe and secure.

Party Rental At Coral Gables (Coral Reef Park)

Carlo’s Party Rental is located right in Coral Gables at Coral Reef Park. The water-slides are a great way to get the family out of the heat of the day and allows the family to enjoy each other’s company, rather than fighting over the last breath of air in the air.
Overall, Coral Gables is definitely the perfect place to take the family. Whether it be a quick one-hour rental or a thirty-minute water ride, Coral Gables ensures a perfect summer’s day for everyone involved.

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