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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Water Slide?

Water slides, just like snow slides, can be a great way to get your family on the beach. They can also be a great way to cool off in the summer, or when the weather is hot.
But how much does it cost to rent one? If you are planning to use a waterslide this summer and are not sure if you want to invest in a full-size version, there are a few things that you should know.
By knowing the costs for renting a water slide, you will be able to decide which ones are right for you and your family.

Different Price And Size Of Water Slides

When deciding on whether or not you want to rent a slide this summer, consider the different sizes available. Many of the resorts that offer water slides have several sizes of slides available.
These sizes range from the smallest kids slide that is only four feet across, to the largest slide that is seven feet across. Of course, the larger the slide, the more expensive it will be.

Renting a Waterslide At a Resort?

Depending on where you plan to rent the water slide, and how far away it is from the hotel or resort where you are staying, you may also need to pay for the use of a guide or a lift ticket. If the resort does not offer a water slide rental, consider renting one at another location.
Guide tickets are typically very cheap and allow you to choose the slide that you want without having to pay for it right then and there. Be sure, however, to try to get a guide ticket if you end up at a resort that charges an entrance fee.

Rental Fees

Before you decide on which version you want to rent, decide what kind of surface you want your slide on. If you want one that slides along metal railings or a wooden slide that you can push along a carpeted floor, you’ll likely have to pay a little more than if you went with a smooth surface.
Also, if you rent a slide that is attached to a wall, you will probably have to pay for the rental fees, as well as pay for the removal of the attached ladder. Determine how far away the nearest hotel or resort is that you plan to stay at in order to determine how much the slide will cost to rent.

Water Slide Safety Equipments

Another question to ask is the safety equipment that is provided with the water slide. Most slides come with a safety cage or strap, which is helpful for children or adults who are not strong enough to climb over the side of the slide.
Some slides also come with an emergency stop button, which can be pressed in case of an emergency. If all the equipment that you rent is included, you can cut down on the costs by bringing your own safety equipment.
The cost to rent a water slide depends upon the company that you choose. Ask them about all the costs involved in renting the equipment. Also, consider going to a water park that provides water slides and ask them about their prices.

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