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The Houston Office Park is a great place to enjoy water slides, because the slides are open year round at both Humble Party Rentals and the Texas Swimming & Water Park in Houston, TX.
It’s nice when you have a choice, though, as far as whether or not you want the luxury of a full-service water park right in the middle of Houston or prefer to have just the Swimming & Water Park to enjoy instead.

Directions To Find The Party Area

Humble Party Rentals can be hired for both of these venues and more, with their professional staff that is on call and ready to go. They also have many party options that do not only include water slides, such as large patio furniture, mini basketball courts, a party stage, and so much more.
The Houston Office Park is located off I-35, so you won’t have to worry about traffic as it gets closer to the downtown area. If you are coming from the North and South shores, you need to take a quick left on Rte. 51 N and proceed to Rte. 52 S toward Houston.
There you will find the Office Park along Rte. 51. The closest hotel to the park is the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Pearland, Texas, and they are only two blocks from the park. If you are coming from the North shore, the George R. Brown Convention Center is only blocks from the park on Rte. 72.

Swimming Pool With Water Slide

So if you are coming in from that direction, you can also save money by skipping the hotel. The three-story, indoor swimming pool with the water slide is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week through May, so you can jump in whenever you like and not pay for it during the off-season.
If you have an event coming up soon, you can always contact Humble Party Rentals for more information. They have many packages available to suit almost any party, and their rates are very reasonable.
Just remember to reserve your spot at the in advance to avoid disappointment when it comes time to pay up.

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