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Best Intex Water Slides For Your Party | 58849EP & 57159ep

From the start, the Intex Waterslides were and are among the best on the market. With the newer models, they now also offer the Kool Splash Inflatable 58849EP.

Intex 58849EP Kool Splash

You know the old saying “if it is not broke, don’t fix it.” Well the Intex company definitely fixed this one up. With this new Kool Splash you no longer have to spend all that money to enjoy the benefits of Intex water slides. This is one slide that’s just plain fun.
Now that you have all the latest Intex offerings, what are you going to do? Are you going to buy another model or the Kool inflatable?
I’ve got a few tips that will make shopping for these things as easy as possible.

Water-slide sizes

The first thing you need to do is decide on a size. You need to determine how deep you would like your Intex slide to go. You should measure at least five feet from the closest edge of the wall to where the slide will be when fully inflated. For deeper slides you may need to get someone to help you get it to the right depth. These types of slides can get quite deep.

Intex FunGlow, Fun Overflows & Airflow

Next, you’ll want to narrow down what kind of slides you want. Intex offers several different kinds of slides including the FunGlow, Fun overflows, and even the Intex Airflow. Depending on your child and your own personal preferences, there is a slide that will suit them perfectly. Explore everything the Intex has to offer and determine what will work best for your family.
Once you have narrowed your choices down to the slides you want it gets easier to search online. Since you are shopping online, you have more options than if you were to go to the actual store.
Take the time to look through the different pages of the site. On their website, if you want to see pictures of the different slides you can click on the images. If you want to read customer reviews, you can click on the reviews to read what others have to say about their experiences with the Intex products.

Purchase and Look For Deals

In the event you do find a slide you like you may be able to purchase: simply go to their website and you should be able to pick out your new slide. The shipping for Intex water slides is usually free. You will just need to add the cost of the slide into the price of your order.
While you are shopping, you may also want to keep an eye out for upcoming deals that Intex may be offering. If you want to get the best slide for the lowest cost, you should take the time to look around online, and you might even find a couple of different coupons from Kohls, so that you will save even more.
After you have looked through all of your options and have found a few water slides you want to buy you will simply need to place your order. With some companies you may even be able to pay for your order in cash if you so choose.
Intex splash water slide

More about Intex Kool Splash Inflatable (58849EP)

Intex Kool Splash Inflatable 58849EP is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 72.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Mia from Very Energetic:
”I bought two of these a while back and they are very fun!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by DC13 from The Ultimate Summer experience:
“The Inflatable Hot Tub is the best “hot tub” we have ever owned. At less than $400 it’s the perfect gift for friends and family. It is not only the most affordable “hot tub” on the market, it is also the most portable and versatile. We have used it for a while by the pool and a great backyard barbeque and am planning to take it to the beach this year to provide a relaxing dip after a long day on the water!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Andrew2 from Perfect for the Family:
”I really enjoy how comfortable this hot tub is. When I first opened the box, I couldn’t believe how small the dimensions were but after sitting in it, it didn’t feel small at all. I believe this is the perfect tub for a family because it’s very comfortable to sit in but doesn’t look like a large tub and it’s also portable.”

More Intex Water Slides and Products

Intex Water Slides were a very popular brand in the year 2018. The entire lineup of the popular Water Slides is currently available on the online stores, in addition to the offline stores.
The comprehensive collections of the water-slides are ideal for multiple purposes. Here we have listed few of the most popular products of the company in one place.
All the products can be accessed by checking their respective specifications, which can be found on the website.

1. Intex Water Table

The Intex Water Table is available in three sizes. It comes in two colour options, namely orange and green. The main reason behind the popularity of the product is the durable construction. The base is made of glossy hard plastic material. It is very sturdy and it provides excellent durability. It can stand strong against water pressure and it is highly resistant to damage due to improper maintenance. The cost of the products starts from INR 4999 and it is available on both online and offline stores.

2. Water Slide Joy Wheel

The Intex Waterslide Joy has a practical design, which is suitable for a wide variety of people, especially for kids. It provides a safe ride, while playing it in any water park, in a variety of terrain.
The fun accessories and the ring around the wheels of the water slide are a perfect addition to the overall product. It is available in 4 sizes and all the sizes are just ideal for the height of the individual.
The water slide is available in orange and green colours. Its main highlight is its LED display which helps to find out the following information about the user’s trip: Speed, Height, Gravity, and Weight.

3. Intex Water Sport Kart

The Water Sport Kart is a must-have for every sport enthusiast. It is meant for youngsters, who like to explore the outdoors. The paddle guards on its wheels and the size of its wheels makes it much easy to move around in any terrain. The product is available on both online and offline stores.

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