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Infla Bounce House is one of the most innovative and popular inflatable party game rentals. It has something for both boys and girls in a variety of sizes, and is fun for almost everyone in your family. You find them at 

Inflatable Waterslide Rebounder (and much more)

The inflatable bouncer comes complete with an inflatable water slide, water tank, rebounder, two big bumpers (one for the girls and one for the boys), two mini basketball hoops, two giant volleyball balls, two flag poles, two heavy bags (for the boys and girls), two big beach balls, and a carrying case. 

The bouncer is located on an eight foot tall platform that sits on four feet of sand. The water tank holds enough water for up to four hours of bounce fun, and the inflatable water slide is removable so you can set it up anywhere.

Complete Inflatable Bouncer Water-Slide

The bounce-house comes complete with an audio cue, music, safety lock, and two security straps.  The bounce is easy to set up and has two levels on which to bounce from. The second level has a ladder leading down to the water. 

The water slide is located at the top of the bounce house and can accommodate up to three people. The bounce house comes complete with a water tank, rebounder, water tower, and a sixteen foot tall slide

Indoor Waterslide Bouncer For All Ages

Infla Bounce House offers a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. They love sliding along the water, and the bounce is so exciting they have a hard time getting off of it! When the weather is bad, you just let them off their inflatable trampoline and enjoy the party indoors or on the picnic table underneath the tree.

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