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Inflatable Adventures New Jersey | Rent Inflatable Waterslides For Parties NJ

Inflatable Adventures offers all the thrill and enjoyment that water slides and other inflatable activities can offer in a rented party. You find them at, and can call them at 732-240-3268.  

Renting water slides, rafts, and any other inflatable adventure is easy. The best part about renting a slide or other adventure sport items is that you get to do it with your friends and family for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. 

Rent Party Water Slide Inflatables

Choose from many different sizes and styles in inflatable rentals. Inflatable rentals can be tailored to fit the number of people who will be using the inflatable adventure; however, there are standard sizes that can fit groups of two to eight people. Inflatable Adventures is able to rent by the day or week depending on availability. 

Inflatable Adventures has been in business for more than seven years and serves almost two-thirds of the state of New Jersey. They specialize in water-slide rentals, surfing lessons, and windsurfing lessons. In addition, they offer exciting other activities such as Para-Sailing, Jumper Collar Tournaments, Laser tag, Beach volleyball, Beach soccer, and much more. 

The company is located in Monmouth, New Jersey. Located in the ocean county area since 2021, Inflatable Adventures is known for their large selection of inflatable rides, water slides, and other fun adventure sports that are fun for children and adults of all ages.

Giant Inflatable Jumper

One of Inflatable Adventures’ main attractions is the Big Adventure Jumper, located at Monmouth Beach. The Big Adventure Jumper is known for its giant jump feature which allows its users to experience the thrill of a giant jump over water. 

This popular inflatable ride can be used in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Monmouth Bay. In addition, Inflatable Adventures offers a great selection of other water sports activities for kids and adults of all ages. Whether you are looking for a family activity or a singles spot, Inflatable Adventures can help you find what you need.

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