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Inflatable Water Slides For Adults and Kids | Rent or Purchase Waterslides?

Inflatable Slides are the ideal solution when the normal circumstances don’t permit you to build a water slide or a pool in your backyard. These types of slides can be installed quickly and easily and can also be ideal for recreational use.
They’re an excellent way to enjoy a lazy afternoon on your back patio while watching the kids play or when the family is in a rousing mood.

How to Choose a Slide For Your Kid

When installing a water slide for your kids, you must consider several factors. For one, you must give enough space to the kids to move around on the slide. The slide must also have enough space below it for the rider’s feet to be comfortable.
Moreover, the slide must be wide enough so that the entire family can have enough room to enjoy it. Lastly, the space between the rails of the inflatable water slide must be wide enough for children to climb on comfortably. In short, the space provided must be big enough for children to reach the top of the slide.
To determine how big the space should be and how wide the rail on the slide must be, you only need to measure the total height of the kid and add four feet to it for adults. This is the most ideal size of the slide for adults because it allows them to enjoy the activity without difficulty. Meanwhile, the length of the slide shouldn’t be too short so that kids can’t reach the bottom. A standard length is three feet wide at its widest part.

Inflatable Water Slides for Adults In Vinyl

When it comes to design, the quality of vinyl used for inflatables for adults is perhaps the most important feature. Vinyl is very durable and resilient, which ensures a long-time use and durability of the product. It can withstand constant exposure from rain and harsh sun rays. Also, aside from being weather resistant, vinyl is very easy to clean. All you need is a wet cloth and some mild detergent to remove the dirt and grime.

Buy or Rent a Waterslide?

For more convenience, you can rent inflatable slides in different sizes and designs. There are classic slide models that are perfect for the backyard. There are also more complex designs that can accommodate groups of people. Whatever you choose, make sure that it will give your backyard a fun and exciting experience every time you visit.
When it comes to water slides, adults definitely deserve the best amenities available. By choosing to have inflatable slides in your backyard, you can provide your guests with a great and safe activity. If you are thinking of renting one in the near future, be sure to find one that fits your budget AND is durable, so you won’t end up paying more than what you can afford.

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