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Jumping Happy Bull Water Slides TX | Fun Splash Water Inflatables

Happy Bull is a local business offering jumpers and party rentals for the San Antonio, TX region. The owners have been in this business for over fifteen years and have a passion for what they do. They started their company in January, 2021 and have expanded since then.

Water Slide Rental Supplier In Texas

They are now one of the most well-known suppliers of water slide rentals in Texas and in the entire country. San Antonio is one of their biggest clients, so they get requests for water slide rentals almost daily.
This company prides itself on making sure that it only sells premium quality slides, that are fun and safe for children to use.

Quality Water Inflatables (Fun Splash)

When you choose to rent from them, you are guaranteed to get an inflatable that is safe and sturdy. They offer two kinds of slides: A Fun Splash and Fun Waterfall. The Fun Splash is a round pool-style water slide with three separate tubes that give you the feeling of a rip-down water slide. When you come to the top of the slide, you will see a big splash and a slide that take your breath away.

Fun Waterfall Slide

The Fun Waterfall water slide is a hand held tube slide in the shape of a waterfall that is exciting, dramatic, and completely fun to use. As you slide down the slide, you will hear a rushing river as it flows down your body, followed by a soothing waterfall sound effect.
The San Antonio International Airport has slides for rent and is located right on Airport Drive. Another popular destination for renting San Antonio water slides is Six Flags Magic Mountain. It has two locations – Arlington and San Antonio.

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