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Key Water Slide Attractions

The United States has some of the best water slides in the world. If you have not been to a water park in the United States, you are missing out on one of the greatest experiences you can have. There is nothing like it to get soaked down in a hot, steaming summer day and come up onto a rock slide. It is a great way to cool off during the hot summers and gives you the chance to take a break from the heat.

Top Water Slide Rentals and Attractions In The USA

You do not have to go far to find these great attractions because most of them are located right here in the United States. Here are a few of our favorite water slide attractions in the United States.

Coney Island’s Water Park (Waterfall Trail)

Coney Island Water Park is a very popular tourist destination that is located right on the banks of the famous Ohio River. The amusement park sits right on the edge of historic Downtown Cincinnati and is among the busiest tourist attractions in the city. The water park offers a wide range of rides for people of all ages and families. There is even a concession stand that serves sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and soda at certain times during the year. Coney Island Park has two unique water slides that are definitely among the best in the country. The Waterfall Trail is probably the best in the city and has a great tower and drop for beginners to ride.
Oldest to modern day Coney Island Water Park is The Bat House, which was built in 1923 and is the oldest one of its kind in the world. It can be found just off the Boardwalk on Coney Island near the Flock Island Causeway, where you can view the many ships that make their way to the New York Yacht port each day. A real-time video screen at the entrance takes you inside the Bat House, where you can witness the spectacular fireworks display.
Apart from The Bat House, Coney Island Water Park also has two other pavilions that are themed after some of the most famous movies that have ever been made in Cincinnati. The Grinch float is located across the Flock Island Causeway whereas the Shrek float is located on top of The Grinch’s boat. Both these water parks feature an amazing line up of rides that visitors can enjoy. However, the real attraction of Coney Island Water Park is that it is also the home of The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Tour, which let visitors experience the charm and thrill of traveling with a circus act

Oldest Water Slide In The World (Big Boid)

Another popular water slide attraction is the Big Boid, which was built in 1930 and is still used by many members of the tribe today. It is also home to the oldest-running slide in the world!
If you are a fan of the Big Boid in Coney Island this summer season, there are several things you can do at the beach other than just watching the huge waves crash onto the shoreline.
There are also numerous little shops, boutiques, and restaurants in the area that will surely delight any kid’s need for something to do. Of course, if you prefer not to watch the big waves crash onto the shore, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities for kids of all ages to enjoy, including everything from volleyball to playgrounds.
And if you are more into shopping than having fun on the beach, Old Town Coney Island is a great place to visit with its abundance of designer boutiques and amazing shopping centers.

Spirit Mountain Water Park In South Dakota (Outdoor Water Slides)

Located in South Dakota is the Spirit Mountain Park. This park offers four outdoor water-slides that are sure to leave you breathless. They offer the best in casual luxury, including expansive views that reach out into the Great Plains.
This park is open every day and has four different attractions to choose from, including the infamous Fun Wave, the Tall Swing, the Slush Gusher, and the Tower Twister. This park is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but during the summer months it is open daily.

Water Slides in California (San Diego Sea World & Balboa Park)

California’s San Diego offers a variety of water slides, including ones at Sea World, Balboa Park, the Wild Animal Park, and the San Diego Zoo. Some of the most exciting water slides around are the Whirlpool Cow Vista, the Backlift Springs, and the Adrenalin Edge. No matter what your skill level is, there is sure to be a water slide to match your taste at any of these locations!

Water Slide Parks in Las Vegas (Caesar’s Palace & Canyon Water Park)

Just a stones throw from Southern California is Las Vegas, Nevada. The city features numerous water parks, including two of the best in the country. Caesars Palace Water Park is the top attraction in this area, featuring tons of thrilling slides, games, and attractions. The Looe Canyon Water Park is another great place to go if you want a fast-paced ride with lots of action.
The Blue Pearl Resort and Spa are another great destination, where you can relax with your family while enjoying some of the best water rides around!

Water Slide Shows in Pennsylvania

The biggest and best slide shows across the United States can be found at the famous Hershey Gardens in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
At Hershey, you will find the Best of Showcase Slides, which is guaranteed to thrill you both at a deep-water slide and from the ground.
Other popular attractions include the Spiderweb Slides, Chalkboarding Slides, Nitro Slides, Panic Room, and many other unique and exciting attractions. This is certainly one of the best places for an entire family to enjoy a water slide together!

Mammoth Water Park And Additional Waterslides In California

If you are looking to get away from it all, then head to California’s Mammoth Water Park in San Bernardino is sure to give you the thrill you have been craving with its award winning water slides. Featuring everything from the classic steep water slide to the modern trickling water slide, you can’t go wrong.
Other hot spots include The Slide Museum in San Diego, and Adrena Water Park in Encinitas.
No matter where you live or where you plan to visit, there is a water slide in close proximity to you. So, get out there and do some exploring! See the best that local companies can offer. Compare prices before you buy. And most importantly, have fun!

Aquaventure Water Park in Dubai

Aquaventure is located on the Al Hajar Mountains and is one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai. Located at Bur Dubai on the Arabian Desert side of the city, the water park has a lot of exciting attractions for families and kids. It features the longest zip line in the world, a nine-story building that houses over two hundred shops and a water tower with a capacity of twenty-two thousand gallons. It also features a massive water slide for kids, a thrilling rollercoaster ride, several attractions for thrill-seekers, and a gigantic wave.

One of the most exciting attractions in the water park is the Slide of Doom, which is located in the tower’s peak attraction area. This slide can reach a height of ten meters and can be quite dangerous due to the sudden drops that it offers. There are several other attractions that you can enjoy during your visit to Aquaventure, such as the Wild Water coaster, the Boulder Canyon Water Park, the Backscream Aquarium, the Battle Arena, the Boulder Flipchart, the Boulder Escape, the Boulder Oneshot, and much more. The water tower itself offers more than two hundred restaurants, bars, and clubs, as well as an observation tower where you can watch thousands of brightly colored marine animals.
If you are looking for something a little bit slower and less adventurous, then the this Water Park in Dubai will surely fit the bill. You will not have to swim for your fun here, as there are also many indoor attractions available. One of these attractions is the Reef Aquarium, which houses a number of brightly colored tropical fish. The Aqua City Water Park is located outside the attraction and is open for visitors who would like to have some fun in the sun by swimming underwater. Another indoor attraction in the water park is the AquaScape, which allows you to interact with the fish. This attraction costs around twenty-five dollars per person and is available during the summer months from April through November in the United Arab Emirates.

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