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Leo’s Party House Rentals In San Antonio | Best Water Slide Party Houses In TX

When you hear the name Leo’s Party House, you immediately have images of a tiny Texas-styled bungalow with an open-air swimming pool where the family would gather to celebrate a birthday or celebrate an anniversary.

About Leo’s Party House

Leo’s is located in San Antonio, and this is what makes Leo’s Party House one of the most popular spots for children’s birthday parties. For a small fee, you can even hire the house and have the kids spend the day there playing video games and watching movies.
It’s basically a mini-Disneyland for kids. It’s a great way to spend a day and get away from it all while having fun. If you’re planning to have your kid’s next birthday at this San Antonio place, you might want to consider renting a waterslide.

Leo’s Water Slide Rentals Children’s Parties

There are tons of different San Antonio water slides for kids to choose from, but none is quite as fun as Leo’s. Kids love to explore and slide down the slide, which makes water slide rentals at this San Antonio destination ideal.
You can also find many other rentals around town, so if you’re planning to go somewhere else for your child’s party, you won’t need to worry about finding water slides to rent. However, since the Leo’s Party House is located in the heart of San Antonio, it’s bound to be packed with children whenever the party becomes near.

Rent A Party House At Leo’s

For added fun, you can hire a Monkey Beach: Memories of Childhood slide at the Party House. This slide takes you back to childhood and you’ll hear some tales of the old arcade game system from your guests as they go through the slides.
As you’re booking the house, make sure to also check out the other slides for rentals in the area, so you’ll know which one you’ll need to book.

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