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Orlando Fun Party Rentals | Indoor Water Slide Equipment

If you are looking to plan the best family get together for your coming holidays then why not consider one of Orlando’s premier indoor water slide rentals. Whether you are looking to hire a water slide rental equipment, we will help you decide what is best for your family get together.

Water Slide Equipment For Kids

We will go over their equipment including tables, chairs, and even sun beds for your kids to enjoy during the visit.
“We offer just about everything you would want in a water park. From the big-name brands of water slides, to name brand water slides, to wet and dry spas, to a complete water park package that has everything you need to keep your guests happy and healthy.

Safe Inflatable Water Slides For Kids

Their water slides come equipped with a soft drink dispenser, an in-ground pool, inflatable slides, a mini-beach and a kid’s play area. We believe everyone should give the water sport a try at least once in their life. Orlando Fun Party Rentals has everything you need to give your guests a water park experience.
“We love providing families and groups with quality indoor activities that promote teamwork and invigorates. Our water slides are safe and secure and allow parents to keep an eye on children while they are enjoying the water”.
Kids tend to be distracted when there is a lot of motion or noisy kids. By allowing each guest to choose a slide they can easily have their own activity while being monitored by adults.
With their rentals you can bring the whole family together to enjoy the warm weather while getting some much needed exercise.

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