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Rent A Water Slide Hurricane Model | Water Rides With Alternative Heights

The Hurricane Alternate Height Slide is a commercial water ride for sale. It is custom-designed by BounceWater to provide stability and long-term rental usage. Available in green, blue, and grey marbling. Also available with a bright liner and 3D printed palm tree (optional).

Buy Or Rent Hurricane Alternative Height Water Slide?

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The waterslide features two sitting platforms at different heights and a large pool at its bottom. This is the ideal ride for most occasions. This Alternate Height Water Slide is designed to withstand years of rental and use. It is great to include in your rental inventory because it sets you apart from your competitors, and withstands years of daily use.
The Hurricane Alt. Height is made specifically for rental use by the public. It features a contemporary design with a large slide area that allows the customer to slide down the slide and then stand back up.

Adjust The Waterslide Height

The waterfall and splash pool is made of durable vinyl, is fully lined with safety netting, and will keep the customer safe from any accidental falls. The waterfall can be adjusted from three different heights, which also offers the opportunity to choose a three-tiered water slide, and it includes a canopy for extra shade.
The center console features a retractable platform that allows the slide to be fully booked. The canopy over the platform can be closed during operation for total privacy.

Three-tiered Waterfall Slide

The three-tiered waterfall has two tiers and a platform that slides out from below each tier. The platform can slide forward, backward, or stay in the same position when opened. The slide features a large slide area, a slide, and two platforms that are adjustable.
There are four separate areas on the top of the water slide to choose from; a seat, platform, slide, and waterfall. There is an eight-foot slide deck, a thirty-eight-foot drop, and four separately adjustable heights that allow you to choose between four different sizes of slides.

Set Up The Water Ride

The water slide is fully equipped with all the necessary hardware for easy setup and takedown. You don’t have to worry about the weather or other inclement weather conditions, the Hurricane Alternative Height Slide can be set up at any time, anywhere – even on ice!

Hurricane Center Climb Water Ride

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The Dual Lane Center Climb Hurricane is a commercial water slide for sale and is custom-designed by BounceWater Inflatable Sales. Prices exclude shipping. Call them for detailed pricing and shipping options.
The Hurricane Climb was designed for stability and constant long-term rental usage. It features vibrant colors of green, grey, and marble. There are also two large palm trees at both the top and bottom of the inflatable slide.
The ride is ideal for any occasion and rents well for both boys and girls. Dual Lane Hurricane is built to last and follows ASTM guidelines. This product is great to include in your rental inventory because it sets you apart from your competitors, and includes quality guarantees.

Hurricane Hybrid Custom Designed Waterslide

The Hybrid Hurricane is a commercial water slide for sale is custom-designed by BounceWater Inflatable Sales. Prices from approx. $3.000 to $4.000. SIzes from 34′ L x 19′ W x 16′ H to 43′ L x 20′ W x 21′ H. Prices exclude shipping. Call to inquire shipping options.
The Hurricane Hybrid is was designed for stable and constant rental use. The hybrid features two large palm trees at its base and top. It comes in vibrant colors of green, blue, and grey. 
It has extended slide lanes and is a great ride for any occasion, and rents well for both boys and girls. Hurricane follows ASTM standards and is built to last.

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