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Rent a Waterslide Jumper | How Much Is It To Rent a Water Slide?

When it comes to fun and excitement, nothing beats an afternoon of jumping and sliding in a slide on a warm, summer day. Water slides are an affordable and fun way to get your kids or even the whole family together to have some fun.
Many companies specialize in renting slides for a variety of events. Rental prices vary depending on the time of year, the size of the water slide and the company offering the rental. There are many companies that offer competitive prices.

Water Slide Prices Go Down In Spring

The most popular times to rent a water slide are late spring and late fall. Prices go down significantly in the spring months because more companies are trying to get rid of their excess stock. At this time, you can find extremely low prices on both moderately-priced large-sized slides and on small, inflatable water slides.
If you rent large or oversized slides, it’s important to read through the terms of the rental agreement. Some companies may require you to pick up your equipment before the first day of use, while others allow you to leave and return as you please throughout the course of the rental period.

Rent Inflatable Water Slides And Bounce Houses

Smaller inflatable bounce houses are perfect for parties and other social events. Some companies rent out small units for only two hours at a time for events like school reunions. Smaller units also make great parties and baby showers because of their small size.
Many parents like to rent larger water slides for their children because they are easy to manage and quickly inflated, which makes them ideal for birthday parties.
If you’re looking for inflatable party magic rentals, there are plenty of companies to choose from. When looking to rent a water slide, make sure the company offers competitive prices and offers quality equipment.
You can tell if a company is reputable or not based on how much they charge for their equipment. Some companies have prices that are less expensive but don’t offer high-quality. The best way to determine this is to take the time to research online and maybe ask for referrals for well well-reputed companies.

Waterslide Jumper Age Safety Measures

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for jumpers and water slides is the age of your guests. This is very important because toddlers and younger children may not be able to safely and comfortably utilize all of the features of a bigger bouncer or slide.
If you know that your child will be older than most of your guests, you should make sure that the company offers plenty of sizes and designs to fit all ages of children. Some of the most popular bounce house rentals have numerous themes, such as cartoon characters, shapes, animals, princesses, and sports.
These items are great additions to any birthday party, especially when the party is held at a local park. Bounce house rentals are an easy and inexpensive way to add fun and excitement to a birthday or event. 

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