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Sky Hoppers Inflatable Rentals In Miami | Certified Safe Water Slides

Sky Hoppers is a well known company known for selling fun inflatable products. A great deal of money is made by providing excellent service to their clients in the area of waterslides, indoor attractions, slides, obstacle courses and more.

Licensed Bounce House Dealer

Sky-Hoppers is an official licensed dealer of bounce houses and water slide rentals, providing quality rentals at affordable prices.
They have branches all throughout the United States and Canada. All the “Sky-Hopper” locations have been personally inspected by the manufacturer and meet stringent health & safety requirements.

Safe Certified Water Slides

All of the bounce water slide rentals, inflatables and other products have passed the manufacturer’s rigorous quality inspections.
The company also ensures that all of their products are certified as being safe for use in residential areas as well as commercially.
All their locations are staffed by knowledgeable and friendly staff members who will gladly provide customer support during your visit.
For questions concerning the availability of various bounce houses, water slides, and other high inflatables please contact them directly at any time or visit their web site.

Plan Your Bounce-House Visit

Sky-Hopper and their affiliates will be happy and proud to help you plan your next event. Whether it is a one day or multi-day event, they will accommodate your needs and make sure that all your special guests have a wonderful time while in the bounce house.
Contact them at anytime for more information on highlatable rentals or anything else.

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