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Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles | Family Friendly Water Slides CA

Hurricane Harbor is a great theme park in Southern California and is located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Visitors to this park will see several water slides, a water adventure ride, as well as the Hurricane Harbor Lighthouse.
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Budget: Look for the free bring a friend day for season pass holders

Telephone: (661) 255-4100

Address: 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355


Type of park: Themed Water Park

This park features a large number of slides and other exciting attractions that keeps the thrill seekers coming back each year. The castaway cove is another attraction at this water park and allows people to go underneath tall trees to take a great photo opportunity.

7 Water Slides At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (Slush Gusher, Rain Garden, etc)

There are a total of seven different water slides in this water park. The Slush Gusher, Rain Garden, Downhill Double Dipper, Downhill Double Stairlift, and the Hurricane Harbor Brimming Pool all use different techniques to allow participants to slide down in the water.
The castaway cove feature uses a combination of different methods including cables, ropes, and poles to allow people to get down into the water and surf up against the current of the ocean.

One Of The Best Theme Water Parks In USA?

Hurricane Harbor is one of the more popular theme parks in southern California. People from all across the United States travel to this water park each year to take in the wonderful attractions.
There are two hotels located within walking distance of the water park, which is perfect if you want to get away from the larger cities and don’t have to deal with driving too far. There is plenty to do at the water park, including lots of roller coasters, rafting down the river, as well as several thrilling water slides.

A Family Friendly Waterpark

This water park is very family oriented and has four different theme areas for families to choose from. Make sure that you make your reservations at the Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles hotel before you visit the water park.

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