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Grapeland Water Park Miami | Themed Park With Large Water Slides

Grapeland Water Park is located Grapeland Heights Park in Hialana, a suburb of Miami. It is owned by Carlangelo Properties and was built in the late 80s. Here, you’ll find urban green space with tennis courts, ball courts & full-size grocery store. There is room to rent a unit or a home if you are visiting Miami on vacation.

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Budget: $$$ 

Telephone: (305) 960-2950

Address: 1550 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33125


Type of park: Themed Water Park

Large Water Slide With 4 Levels

You can walk on-site around the water park in the evening and watch live television shows on the I-tech TV network which is linked directly to the park. The water slide is very large, about 100 feet long and has four different levels and numerous slides.
There are also boats that bring visitors down into the water. Many people just do not want to jump in the water but rather enjoy the slides, the lush green grounds and the gentle waves as they flow across the water.
The Grapeland Waterpark offers many theme parks, attractions such as Space Mountain Bike Ride. You can also shop for souvenirs and take part in the Thrill Hour all day long.
They offer dining opportunities as well. There are also many shows, live entertainment, and shows featuring bands from all over the United States as well as Canada.
Don’t miss the Roller Coasters and Air Screams. They will thrill you.

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