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Normandy Isle Park & Pool | Rent A Water-Slide Adventure FL

While Normandy is an island in Galveston, Texas, located within the community of West Orange Beach, this unique beach vacation destination offers you plenty to do on a lazy summer day and stay cool on a hot summer evening.

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Budget: Visit pool costs $10 for Adults. $6 for ages 4 to 17. Toddler are Free. Reduced prices for NBV residents.

Telephone: (305) 993-2021

Address: 7030 Trouville Esplanade, Miami Beach, FL 33141


Type of park: Island Water Park

What you can do at Normandy is extensive. You can rent cabins for your enjoyment, explore historic Normandy, dine on quality seafood and shop at one of several specialty shops owned by the local residents and visitors. On a clear day, you may even be able to spot seabirds, dolphins and fish.

Rent A Water Slide At Normandy Isle

One way you can get around the island and avoid being soaked by the water is to take a water slide rental from Normandy Isle Park & Pool Houston. The waterslides are a wonderful attraction on their own. They offer a thrilling experience that adults and children of all ages can enjoy.
The slides are a terrific way to cool off during the heat of the day and you may find yourself jumping with joy as you go down them. As you slide down, the water sprays down around you.
But since there is only one exit for each slide, it won’t take long before you come out from the water and into the safety of your cabins. Many of the cabins also have fireplaces built right on the property so that the entire family can gather around the fire during the night.

Normandy Island Bed & Breakfast Near The Water-Slide Area

If you would rather not spend your afternoon at the water park, you can always stay longer in the area by day and explore what is available to you. You might want to do some sightseeing while you’re there, and the Normandy Beach town market offers some excellent local arts and crafts and gift shops for those who are interested in shopping.
You might also want to check out the Normandy Island Bed and Breakfast, which is a charming bed and breakfast located between the water park and the town of West Orange Beach.
This comfortable hotel provides you with delicious food, lots of free parking and great room service.

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