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Universal’s Volcano Bay in Orlando | Tropical Themed Interactive Water Slides

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park, or Volcano Bay as Universal Studios Resort had previously called it, is an all-time classic water park in Universal Orlando. formerly called Wildwater Kingdom, it replaced Wet ‘n Wild as Universal Orlando’s second water park, and is the first built and owned by Universal itself.

Rating: 4,5 of 5 (18 205 votes)

Budget: Approx. $80/personĀ 

Telephone: (407) 363-8000
Adress: 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819
Size: 53 acres

Type of park: Outdoor Water Park

Season: Open daily, year-round

About Volcano Bay Waterpark

It is often referred to as “the resort that brought the park” by many long time Universal Orlando patrons and by “the worst water park” by some. However, both perceptions are completely undeserved.
The water park is not only fun (as Wet and Wild once was), but also has several features that set it apart from other water parks.
One of the biggest reasons that Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park is the worst one on the planet is that the majority of its water park offerings are located on an island, which means that you either have to travel out to enjoy them, or sit in your hotel room across the street and use the resort’s shuttle bus.
Also, the majority of its attractions are not located near any of the premium seating that is found at other water parks. While there are a few premium seating locations in the area, like Wet and Wild and Campgrounds at Universal Studios Florida, it is largely lacking compared to other water park resorts.

3 Interactive Water Slides (Raindance)

While the overall layout of the park is similar to most other water park resorts, it does offer some unique elements that help make it unique.
One of those unique elements is the inclusion of three interactive water slides. The coolest of these attractions is called Raindance, which allows you to literally bounce up and down on two moving bowls filled with water.
While this sounds silly when taken out of context, the reality is that this attraction will actually give you a good workout, as you feel as if you are gliding along on the surface of a lake or ocean.
Overall, it is one of the better Orlando water parks, but as a consolation it does fall short of other Orlando water parks in some aspects.

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