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Six Flags Fiesta La Cantera TX | Slinky Dog Water Slide, etc

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a water park located in La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas. It is currently owned and operated by Six Flags Parks and Entertainment Company. The park was established in March 1992, as a second company within the already existing Gaylord Entertainment Company. This marked the start of a very profitable water park franchise, which is still expanding today.

Rating: 4,4 of 5 (24.523 votes)

Budget: $$$ 

Telephone: (210) 697-5050

Address: 17000 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257

Type of park: Outdoor Water Park

4 Theme Parks (El Teguago Bayou, Bay Grande Park, etc.)

The water park offers a wide range of rides and attractions for kids and adults. It has four theme parks – El Teguago Bayou, Bay Grande Park, Bay Coast Water Park, and The Shipwreck Island Water Park.
The theme park also features various interactive exhibits and games, and several restaurants and hotels that feature delicious food, drinks, and gratuities. There is even a gift shop where you can purchase gifts for friends and loved ones back home.

The Great Texan Slide & Slinky Dog Water Slide

The park features two thrilling roller coasters, namely The Great Texan Slide and The Slinky Dog Slide, as well as many other rides and games. There are several thrilling water slides for children, designed specially for them by Six Flags executives.
The Texan Water Slide allows kids to slide down through a giant pool of water as it quickly bounces back up. The Slinky Dog Waterslide features inclined tubes that pull the slide along and several challenging obstacles, including a tight slide, a quarter-pipe, and a moving dog!

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