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Splashtown Wave Pools & Adventure Rides In San Antonio TX

Splashtown is a water park situated in San Antonio, Texas, USA known for its interactive water slides. Its original name was “Splashtown USA”. The first version of the water park opened in 1985 as Water Park USA, later becoming called Splashtown.

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Budget: $$$ 

Telephone: (210) 227-1400
Address: 3600, I-35, San Antonio, TX 78219

Splachtown Wave Riders, Wave Pools & Adventure Rides

Splashtown features a wide range of rides that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults. The various attractions at Splashtown include the following: lazy rivers, wave pools, adventure rides, wave riders, submarine rides, and much more. The newest addition to the water park features the Lazy River.
Lazy River runs down the length of the park and is not only a relaxing ride but it also gives you the opportunity to view unique species of fish.

A Popular Theme Park In San Antonio

Splashtown offers many different restaurants, bars, shopping areas, gift shops, and even a few movie theaters. Outside of the water park there is also a picnic area.
The Water Park is open daily during the summer months from May through October. During this time the park is host to large community picnics. The restaurant at the Park also serves lunch and dinner daily. the newest and most popular theme parks in the San Antonio area.

New Landscaping Pool Slides

With the addition of a new addition to the water park this year, the park will have even more popularity in the coming years. Both the new wave pool and the new landscaping have added to the popularity of Splashtown, but the overall admissions price remains to be the biggest factor for any tourist to decide whether or not they will visit the water park.
Even with the cheaper admission prices Splashtown has still managed to remain one of the best affordable theme parks in all of Texas.

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