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Aquatica at SeaWorld | San Antonio Water Park With Water Slides

SeaWorld San Antonio is a 250-acre marine mammal park, oceanarium and animal theme park in the Westover Hills District of San Antonio, Texas, on the city’s west side.

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Budget: Approx. $60 

Telephone: 210) 520-4732, (210) 523-3000
Adress: 10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251


Size: 250 acres

Type of park: Outdoor Waterpark & Theme Park

Season: Open year-round

Aquatica At SeaWorld’s Six Flags

The new water park named Aquatica at SeaWorld in San Antonio is located at the current site of SeaWorld’s Six Flags Magic Mountain. Although it may seem like a bad decision that they are replacing one of the top water parks in the US with another in San Antonio, Six Flags Magic Mountain is actually a very wise decision for the water park industry.
Many people don’t realize just how big an impact the weather can have on the water park and this is why the replacement of the original SeaWorld with Aquatica at SeaWorld will prove to be such a smart move on their part.
Just consider how much less bad weather there would be if Six Flags Magic Mountain was located in a place that did not get a whole lot of rain during the summer months. A less rainy summer would allow for better weather to be enjoyed by everyone in the water park.
Another huge reason that Six Flags decided to move the water park from its original home in San Antonio to its present location was because of the potential hurricane threat that we are currently facing.
It has long been speculated that San Antonio would be devastated by a hurricane like Hurricane Charlie and many scientists believe that there could be a devastating storm hitting Texas as soon as next year.
This would create a massive tourist influx into the Texas coast and a large portion of these tourists will end up at SeaWorld which already has a great deal of popularity thanks to the many amazing attractions it offers.

Thrill Water Slide Rides & Dolphin Plunge Hurricane Harbor

Of course, along with all of the tourists will come the newly discovered thrill rides such as Aquatica at SeaWorld, and lots of them.
Not only will the new Aquatica at SeaWorld feature a number of exciting rides such as the Dolphin Plunge, but it will also feature a brand new water park attraction named Hurricane Harbor.
Hurricane Harbor is the first of its kind and will feature multiple water slides, some of them featuring drops to forty feet, as well as air compressors so you can water raft down the river while watching the amazing fireworks display. This water park will most certainly be a hit amongst kids and adults alike when it opens next year.

About Dolphin Plunge Water Slides

Dolphin Plunge Hurricane Harbor is located near the Tarpon Springs State Park. Dolphin Plunge is an exhilarating and fun filled water slide that allows participants to slide down the gentle water slide that speeds of up to eight miles per hour!
The thrill of the Plunge is comparable to that of a large bumper-plunge that involves hundreds or even thousands of people.
During the summer months, the Plunge becomes even more exciting because of the addition of a water slide obstacle course. At each station on the course, riders will encounter water-slides and obstacles such as Ladders, Balance Banks, Tubes, Ramps and more!
If you want a little more excitement, there is also the opportunity to partake in the dolphin feeding experience. At this station, riders will be able to feed the dolphins that come by boat and float by the platform.
To reach the dolphin swim stations, there are several rental companies that will provide transportation. If you prefer to do all of the walking, the local Walking Beach Company will provide a shuttle.
If you are not in the mood to get wet, you can just enjoy a drink at the bar or try one of the waterslides at Dolphin Plunge Hurricane. There is so much fun to be had at Dolphin that participants often bring friends along just to ride the roller coasters and rides.

Aquatica Waterpark Water Rides and Sandy Beaches

SeaWorld’s unique waterpark combines close encounters with animals, exciting water rides, and sandy beaches to create an unforgettable experience. Aquatica Waterpark was inspired by the vibrant colors, beautiful flora, and carefree personality that the South Sea Islands offer.

About Aquatica Indoor Water Rides

Aquatica Waterpark is located in San Diego’s Mission beach. It is owned by Dreamworld and is known to be the oldest all-age indoor theme park. Many believe the original Aquatica was started in 1969 near Pacific Beach, but the exact location is not known.
With both its Animal Kingdom park (also in Pacific Beach), and SeaWorld featuring rides similar to those found in SeaWorld, Aquatica represents the largest expansion project in park history. Featuring all kinds of rides and games, Aquatica Water park is SeaWorld’s most ambitious endeavor yet.
Themes: Aquatica Reef, Lost Lagoon, and Stingray Falls
Located right off the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, Aquatica features three themed areas namely, The Lost Lagoon, Aquatica Reef, and Stingray Falls. With both its Animal Kingdom water rides (in Pacific Beach), and Stingray Falls, SeaWorld features the most thrilling animal experiences ever. All kinds of marine creatures roam freely through the themed areas, which makes these rides very thrilling and exciting.
Aside from its great rides and adventurous water rides, Aquatica offers several dining options at its restaurant. The Lost Lagoon restaurant promises wonderful food and dining, but the restaurant itself isn’t that great. In terms of service, the food was okay but not worth complaining about.

Aquatica Wave Pool Next?

It features two different dining rooms, a bar, and stools for dining, but the stools were extremely uncomfortable and were hard to sit in during peak hours. Overall, this was a wonderful park to visit, but I think the Aquatica Wave Pool is going to be my next favorite park.

Stingray Falls & Walhalla Wave Making You Weightless

Aquatica San Antonio boasts 42,000 feet of sandy beaches, three terraced swimming pools, a meandering lazy stream, racing rides, and unique family raft rides. “Stingray Falls” takes you underwater through a reef full of stingrays, tropical fish, and “Walhalla wave” sends your rafts up a zero gravity wall, where you will experience weightlessness.
There are several species of stingrays that can be seen at the park, including cownose and spotted-eagle rays. You will also be able interact with exotic birds and other animals in walk-around interactions.
Aquatica is now part of the three parks that make up SeaWorld San Antonio. Aquatica San Antonio is now accessible without the need for admission to SeaWorld.

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