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White Water Bay Themed Water Park | Water Body Slides Shows

White Water Bay is a thrilling water park located in Six Flags Fiesta Texas entertainment park in San Antonio, Texas known for its amazing slide attractions. Also called Ol’ Waterin’ Hole since it is located in an underground riverbed, it was built by Six Flags Parks and Entertainment in San Antonio.

The original name was changed to accommodate the slide’s Spanish name which is “Pico de Mayo.” It is located on a one mile stretch of land south of Downtown San Antonio in the South Side of San Antonio. In this location there is an underground river that supplies the water for the attractions.
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Budget: General Admission approx. $80 children $60 

Telephone: (210) 697-5050
Address: 17000 W I-10, San Antonio, TX 78256
Website: ,

Type of park: Outdoor Waterpark + Theme Park

Season: Late April to early September. Weekends and holidays year round.

The World’s Best Themed Water Park?

White Water Bay is themed after a large white body of water that flows through the park. Many of the water slides at the park are fashioned after a ship sinking while docked at the water park.
The original concept of the theme park was started as a water park for children as an alternative to Six Flags Magic Mountain located in California. The popularity of the two parks grew together and now White Water Bay can be considered the World’s Greatest Theme Park because of its unique water park rides, restaurants, and other attractions.

3.000 Water Slides & 4 Waterslide Shows

There are over three thousand different water slides to enjoy at the park. There are four types of water slide shows: inverted cable, down hill slide, spiral falls and bungee jump. Most of the attractions at White Water Bay have been featured in the movies, including the water tower and the slide resembling that of Goliath.
There are also several other attractions that are included with a day at White Water Bay: an interactive water play area for kids, access to the Park’s Shop, dining, camping, picnic facilities, and the White Water Bay Express Train.

Water Body Slides & Wave Pools

White Water Bay is located near San Antonio and is included in Six Flags Fiesta Texas admission. You’ll find more water rides and attractions here, including body slides, tube slides, and giant wave pools that are one million gallons in size.
Twister Body Slides & Tornado Tube Ride
White Water Bay’s waterpark features The Twister slide, which descends through complete darkness, and Tornado tube slide, which enters a seven-story tunnel measuring 132 feet long.
Splashwater Springs is for children and offers slides and other fun for the younger guests.
The Bahama Blaster tower has four high-speed body slides for thrill-seekers. Each slide features a launch capsule that drops riders at an angle of 80 degrees to reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Two slides drop down six stories, the other two loop.

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