Rent Waterslides & Visit Water Parks


Explore Water Slide Rentals from leading party jump house providers. You can rent water-slides that are inflatable as well as visit water parks and explore everything for a good water party.

Cheap Water Slide Rentals

Rent great waterslides for less than $100 a day, unless you want to go big and explore some waterslide rentals with great durability and size. In addition to renting, we guide you to some favorite water parks in the USA and the world.

What makes us unique is that we only display and review waterslides. We do not sell them. That is why you can read our information and feel that it is less biased and more truthful than usual.

Rent Inflatable Waterslides

One of the most popular options is to go for an inflatable water slide. They are easy to transport, and if the company does the job right, they will safely and quickly set up the inflatable bounce house, jump house, or waterslide jump house in your green backyard.


How Much To Rent A Waterslide

The cost of renting a water slide varies greatly depending on the size and quality. You may rent for less than $100 a day. But more realistically, if you want something that your kids really want, the price will be significantly higher.

One suggestion is to look for favorable long-term contracts, where you might negotiate the price due to the length of time you are using it.

What About Visting Water Parks

Another option is to visit water parks that offer waterslide adventures, and set up bounce houses. That way, you can try out different models and find what you and your kids love the most. However, these waterparks generally provide very large models that in some cases may be to large for your expected budget.