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The World’s Biggest Water Slides?

Where can you find the world’s biggest water slides? Here’s some surpricing facts.

Largest Water Slide in Austria 

One of the world’s craziest water slides is in Austria. At two hundred and fifty meters, the tower of this slide is definitely impressive. The first person to step on the platform was a world record holder! The other guests who have experienced this amazing ride are now planning to try again. The latest record for this particular water slide is five hundred and forty-two feet!

BIG Slide in Spain – But is it The Highest in the World?

Another in the list of the world’s craziest water slides is in Spain. At two hundred and sixty meters, this slide offers a very exciting ride for the people staying in the village of areas. Another five hundred and seventy-two-foot slide located near Benidorm, Morocco, also offers some awesome views from the water slide.

The Tower Twister Water Slide

In the list of the world’s craziest water slides, you will come across another of the world’s craziest rides: The Tower Twister. This scary ride is situated at the Rydal Alps in Austria. The highest part of the tower contains three hundred and fifty stairs. At the moment, there are reports that the proposed changes to this water slide will not be made available for a long time. However, a replacement has already been installed!
Perhaps, the most exciting part of this particular water slide is the huge “Megalon” which travels along its twelve vertical flights or spins, as it is called. What makes this giant water coaster interesting is the fact that it can travel up to nine miles per hour. This is almost twice as fast as any other water coaster in the World!
At one time, there were rumors that the speed of this mammoth water coaster will be limited to four miles an hour. But this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The Next World's Biggest Water Slide?

In order to get an idea of how this massive water ride rides will look like when it eventually becomes a reality, you can check out this news report from last year. Here, an aerial view of the proposed location of the new World’s biggest Water Slide is shown. In this picture, you can clearly see the similarity of the proposed park with another of the world’s craziest water slides:

The Rollercoaster Royal at WDW (Walt Disney World) in Florida

Aside from the similarity in layout, you can also see the similarity in the trees and surrounding scenery as well. And you may also notice the similarity in the sounds coming from the base of the attraction, as well as the “power hydraulics”. Another interesting thing about these two water rides is that they are not owned by Disney, but instead are operated by Six Flags Magic Mountain and its sister park resorts.

The Giant Water Slide in Florida

The original version of the Giant Water Slide would have been located in Edwards, California, but was relocated to Florida due to safety concerns. However, later on, they added a section of the park called the Blast Zone in order to provide more thrill rides.
The current version of the Giant Swing will feature a drop that goes more than three stories and will feature both vertical and horizontal twists and turns.
Aside from the aforementioned similarity of the proposed location and the existing WDW attraction, there are still several other similarities between the two parks. For instance, both of the World’s biggest Fun Parks boast their own massive coasters such as the Rattlingnose, Atom Smasher, and the Grinder Gearworks.

Watch this video to explore some more of the world’s highest and biggest water slides in the world. 

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